Tremendous activity and building going on at Harrison Streets Issaquah Highlands

There’s tons of activity going up here on Harrison Streets (and Grand Ridge Drive). Most empty lots have building going on, lots of big dump trucks and cement trucks coming and going. Some lots are getting flipped, but many have custom homes going up on them. You can notice that traditional home builders use big teams to build on a faster scale (less than 1 year), true custom homes such as modern homes take much longer, over a year or longer. Some homes are sitting at stand still for some reason, some are going up at furious speeds. There are not many lots available now, so it might be a good time to pick up one of the empty lots, or wait until the market drops…… It’s a little treacherous for kids to walk down to the bus stop, hope everyone is very careful. Good luck and best wishes to all the home owners!

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