In Search of Modern Doors

It seems like a common problem, the difficulty in finding reasonably priced modern doors. We’ve been doing extensive searches on Google for several months now. I really like this style of European style doors. There seems to be good looking modern doors coming out Italy, but at a very high cost. Milano Doors also make great looking doors, but also expensive. Our builder/consultant also has contacts at custom door makers, but so far we haven’t seen anything that caught our eye.

He did recommend some doors from Frank’s Lumber Door Store. Since we love supporting local businesses, we paid them a visit today.

As with most vendors, 98% of the doors were craftsman. If you browse their web site, you can see that they have some mid-century modern doors for sale. They can also make custom doors. Frank’s sales guys were very nice and even showed us a custom mid-century modern door that they were working on for a client. It was a beautiful Mahagony wood door with floating panels. The floating panels are not only decorative, they allow movement for expansion and shrinkage. It’s only with these floating panels that the door can be warranteed (1 yr. warranty).

The only front door that we liked was this one:

Even with this one, we weren’t too sure. The basic cost was $1,700 – $1,800 (not pre-hung, not stained, no hardware).
Some modernists use commercial steel doors, which is a good idea.
We will keep searching and look for good interior doors and side door as well.
We hope to paint the trim and doors grey for the interior mimicking the Mithun interior.

Our door search continues. Please comment if you have any suggestions. Thanks.