Kohler Purist Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out — Love the look, hate the leaky faucet

I really like Grohe products, but our builder was able to get good prices on Kohler fixtures so we chose all Kohler Purist faucets for our entire house (except for the laundry room). While we love the clean, modern look of the Kohler Purist faucets, our kitchen pull out faucet has been leaking non stop ever since the beginning.

I tried contacting Kohler before, but their customer service is a tricky place. I also stopped by the Kohler showroom in Bellevue, WA. The helpful gentlemen looked up the faucet (and our missing bathtub drain plug), but no resolution was found. Finally I emailed Kohler customer service again recently and they mailed us a replacement cartridge for the leaky kitchen faucet. How do we replace this cartridge? We have no idea.

Not only is it leaky, it was also installed so that you can’t move the handle all the way back. Perhaps there was not enough room for it. Also, the water pour is very smooth, but it pretty much splashes every where. Not what you want with your heavily used kitchen faucet. The water pressure is also very poor compared to other faucets in the kitchen. It was a very good thing that we installed a pot filler (non Kohler) above the stove, that faucet outputs some serious water — very useful indeed.

Our other Kohler Purist faucets in our bathrooms have not had any issues yet. If we are unable to replace the cartridge, we may end up replacing the kitchen faucet altogether or call in a plumber.

Kohler Purist Kitchen Pull Out Faucet

Kohler Purist Kitchen Pull Out Faucet

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