Finally Moved In! That’s where the good news ends…..

So many of you have been asking if we moved in yet. We were hoping to move in around end of June, then mid-July, then early August, then end of August for sure. If not, surely by Labor Day Weekend. We actually didn’t move in until Sunday. Yup, after school had started! Just because you have the occupancy permit, that does not mean the house is move in ready. The day you dream of putting stuff away, getting furniture delivered, etc. kind of turned into a nightmare for us. The interior wasn’t finished painting, random stuff were missing or did not work. For instance the closet door was not installed all the way and handles missing. Thermometer to the master bedroom missing. Concrete floor remains unfinished and cracked around the edges. So on and so on. The house was a big dusty mess and we hired new construction cleaners which was very helpful. Little things matter in customer service and this seems to be overlooked with our project. The stress level was fever pitch and continues as we look at all the unfinished mess in the house. We will keep updated on what gets fixed next. So far no one has come back yet….. We will keep the punch list going.

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