Final Stretch

We are almost at the finish line, yet it seems so far away. It’s almost like watching paint dry.
We were hoping to move in late June, but looks like it will be some time in August. Stairs are still being worked on and there’s more work to do all around the house. My husband is getting understandably impatient & frustrated.

Landscaping has started so that is exciting. The house is looking good, but not without issues. I heard this is very common with custom builds, you get so tired of making decisions towards the end, you just want the project over with. In the end, I think it will be worth the stress & efforts.

Here’s a latest picture of the exterior. Looking good!

One thought on “Final Stretch

  1. One month after your final stretch post and still in the final stretch. This final stretch will likely go into October. 3-4months late and $100 k over budget. Meh!

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