Exterior Insulation, Windows & Fireplace: 1/21/12 Update

We made significant progress since the last post. It has been a very stressful time of research and decision making. We went from uplifting days of saying “we should build another house one day” to most days saying “NEVER build a house again!!”.

Most of the plumbing and electrical rough ins have been completed. It was difficult to decide on where all the lights would go and where the TV outlets would be placed. All the lighting fixtures have been picked out and will be ordered soon. Central Vacuum has also been plumbed in. Although we won’t have any carpets, we still decided to go with a central vac. It’s very convenient for sweeping up (toe kick), vacuuming rugs, and vacuuming the cars in the garage. It’s also less dusty in the house vs. a standard vacuum. We been living with one for 12 years and decided that we don’t want to live without one.

Our house looks white now (before it was black with waterproofing membrane). Most of the windows and sliding doors have been installed! The large sliding doors look different than I imagined, but we didn’t really communicate much on the windows with our builder/consultant.

Our fireplace was also delivered and put in place. It will be installed now that the cold weather will break this week. We decided that a two sided fireplace would look nice in a corner. It is made by Montigo.

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