Eames Hang It All Coat Rack & General Update

We got a new coat rack – Eames Hang It All. Yet another gift from my generous sister.
We hung it in the Lobby next to the RV Garage door and the stairs.

This is a very handy coat rack for jackets, purses, hats, etc. It’s very colorful and perfect for that modern home or mid-century modern home.

We are liking living in our modern home. It’s very cozy and we like the floor plan lay out that we decided on. The change that we would make (& still can) is to add a door to the master bathroom. Due to the different schedules, one can get woken up by the other due to the water noise. Living among 4,000 – 10,000+ sq. feet homes as neighbors, we do not envy them at all. We like the size of our cozy modern home.

Latest update includes a roof leak in the kids bedroom (!), the roofer forgot to seal around the chimney (!). Bedroom doors are not quite aligned so they don’t close all the way. Looks like we will have to re-stain the wood siding as the finish has worn off already. High winds mixed with rain acts like a power wash on the house exterior in the Issaquah Highlands. A positive note is that we love the flooring that we chose, it has some issues, but overall it’s very soft on the foot and very easy to upkeep. I will do a separate post on that with more details and pictures soon. I will also do a post on our heat pump water heater, it does not quite keep up with our busy household, so on demand might have been a better choice. More on that soon.

Happy Spring everyone!

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