Modern Tiles for Modern Bathrooms

We are nearing the finish, but still quite a bit of work to do.
YS Built has a great tile guy contractor. I hear he is quite busy, maybe due to his great skills. Take a look at our powder room shower tile and shampoo ledge. What a nice finish. Grout is still to be done, I’m not sure what grout color will be chosen.

modern pental tile

modern pental tile

It turns out grout has a color wheel of its own. Who knew. Another painful decision to make.

Tile choices can be overwhelming like lights and flooring. The first place that we recommend is Pental Granite & Marble.
They have 3 locations with great showrooms. Their staff can be hit or miss so be sure to make multiple visits. The selection is great vs. traditional tile showrooms where modern selection maybe very limited. Check it out.

Our choice was Rivergrass – Papyrus.

Siding, Painting & More Excavation 4/2/13

It’s Spring Break time and the house is coming along on schedule.
Most of the siding is up now, lots of excavation happening on the side drive way and back yard.

Interior painting has started and exterior will start soon.
For the interior, we chose Cloud White OC-130 by Benjamin Moore, which seems to be a safe white favorite among many.

We also have some gray walls for the bedrooms & bathrooms.
We chose zero VOC paints to reduce off-gassing as much as possible.

March 12, 2013 Update – The House is 61% Complete. Dry Wall, Siding, Garage Door, Front Door, Side Door

Our house is now 61% complete according to our bank.
We are closing in on the final stretch of hopefully finishing by June.
Dry wall installation is almost complete. The crew was busy on Saturday installing.

dry wall installed

The garage door has been installed – though I’m afraid it will get scratched with all the construction going on around it.

Garage Door has been installed

The front door (Fir) and side door (fiber glass) has been delivered & installed. We ended up getting these from Frank’s Lumber Door in Shoreline.
We love to support local business as much as possible. Nels at Frank’s is very helpful, look him up if you are ever in need of a door. They also make custom doors.

Front Door made from fir with frosted glass

Side Door made from fiberglass with clear glass.

Siding has been started, the south side of the house has been completed. Siding is where the communication with the builder went side ways. I wanted more panels all around for a more modern look, but our builder already laid out the Hardi planks all around and had the rendering approved by the local Architectural Committee.
In order avoid more delays, we are going ahead with this original rendering with lots of hardi plank siding vs. panels. #communicationFAIL

As with the framing, we are concerned about siding in the rain, especially since the Pineapple Express of wet weather is supposed to hit us this week. omg.

Modern Porta – Potty

Our site manager (project manager) built this modern porta potty surround for our site.
Notice the butterfly roof to match the home. What a clever design idea to cover up the unsightly potty.
Taking modern where it’s never been before!

modern porta potty

Exterior Insulation, Windows & Fireplace: 1/21/12 Update

We made significant progress since the last post. It has been a very stressful time of research and decision making. We went from uplifting days of saying “we should build another house one day” to most days saying “NEVER build a house again!!”.

Most of the plumbing and electrical rough ins have been completed. It was difficult to decide on where all the lights would go and where the TV outlets would be placed. All the lighting fixtures have been picked out and will be ordered soon. Central Vacuum has also been plumbed in. Although we won’t have any carpets, we still decided to go with a central vac. It’s very convenient for sweeping up (toe kick), vacuuming rugs, and vacuuming the cars in the garage. It’s also less dusty in the house vs. a standard vacuum. We been living with one for 12 years and decided that we don’t want to live without one.

Our house looks white now (before it was black with waterproofing membrane). Most of the windows and sliding doors have been installed! The large sliding doors look different than I imagined, but we didn’t really communicate much on the windows with our builder/consultant.

Our fireplace was also delivered and put in place. It will be installed now that the cold weather will break this week. We decided that a two sided fireplace would look nice in a corner. It is made by Montigo.

A Nod to “A House by the Park”

A House by the Park blog is a complete start to finish home building blog with incredibly helpful details and tips.  We read up on it extensively and it has been very helpful for our project.  Because of it, we did our home work by interviewing and meeting with multiple builders before getting started.  Of course we got the 2 Kohler Flipside shower heads for our new home.  The house by the Park has long been finished, but a complete time lapse video is available. check it out here:


Frank Lloyd Wright home for sale in Normandy Park

Tracy House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Another Frank Lloyd Wright home is for sale in the Seattle area.

The Tracy house in Normandy Park neighborhood came up for sale recently.  An offer has been made, but it hasn’t closed yet. The home is small at 1,150 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, and one bath with a view of the Puget Sound.  It also has the signature low ceiling at entry.


Framing is moving along fast

We visited our site today to take a look at the framing progress.

The room proportions were satisfactory and we got a real sense of dimensions, room sizing, and the views. Oh what incredible views from the rooms.  The frames were wet but decent, and there was some standing water in the shower area.  We wish we had a wet vac or towels to mop that up.  It will be good to get the roof on soon.  “Everyone is most happy during the framing stage”, that seem to ring true.

Fixtures have been finalized, so we will be moving onto bath accessories and others soon.


New Shops Coming to Issaquah Highlands

Highlands developer Port Blakely announced this week that additional retailers will be opening in Issaquah Highlands.  We are excited about having movie theatres, restaurants, and more retail shops that we can potentially walk/bike to.  Check out the clickable map for detailed layout of the shopping area.