Windows & Plumbing Started

Some of the windows were installed last week. Our builder is installing energy efficient Eagle Windows. They are sturdy metal on the exterior and wood on the inside which can be painted to match the interior design.

The large windows and sliders will come later this month. Hopefully soon since a big blizzard is expected in the area next week! Our project manager added some plastic sheets to the open windows to protect the home from rain which is appreciated. He is also running fans to dry out the home.

Some of the heating ducts have been installed as well and water piping through out the house. According to my sister/agent, they are high quality water pipes so we are happy about them. We had a big change in our heating system, so there will be a dedicated post on that later on.

We also had an electrical walk through last week so we will be finalizing that very soon. It will be tough to make the decisions on all the lighting fixtures for sure. The sheer number of decisions that needs to be made on a custom home can be overwhelming. Good thing our builder gives us good guidance on most things.

Thanks for reading.