Have You Seen Me? Missing Wooden Bear

Have you seen this wooden bear?

missing wood bear

Our neighbor’s wooden bear went missing a few weeks ago. This bear was special to them. If you see it around, please let us know.
It was sitting on their front concrete steps since they moved in. It is very heavy so it will take at least 2 adults to move it. They are a very sweet young couple. I hope the bear can be found.

I’m thinking it was either some teenage prank or a modern purist not liking the carved bear in front of the cool modern home. Just my thoughts.
In any case, I hope it turns up soon.

Another neighbor’s (super nice neighbor who borrowed an egg from me, what are neighbors for?) mountain bike got stolen right out of his garage during the day! We need to be aware/stay alert and communicate with each other. If you are a neighbor, please consider joining NextDoor or Issaquah Highlands Facebook group.

On a happy note, it was great meeting some of our neighbors and future neighbors in the recent weeks! Issaquah Highlands is a very special place full of nice neighbors.

Thanks for reading.