More Framing & Views

Framing is moving along, last few days have been dry and cold.  Dry weather has been helpful for framing and drying.  Most of the roof is in and we can see the skylights(s).  The dining area looks tiny and we are not sure if a table will fit there.  Maybe a round table will work better. It will be a cozy and comfortable home.  Check out the latest pictures and the view from our family room (we have no formal dining or living room). You can see parts of Lake Washington, downtown Seattle & Bellevue skylines.


Framing is moving along fast

We visited our site today to take a look at the framing progress.

The room proportions were satisfactory and we got a real sense of dimensions, room sizing, and the views. Oh what incredible views from the rooms.  The frames were wet but decent, and there was some standing water in the shower area.  We wish we had a wet vac or towels to mop that up.  It will be good to get the roof on soon.  “Everyone is most happy during the framing stage”, that seem to ring true.

Fixtures have been finalized, so we will be moving onto bath accessories and others soon.


Framing has started!


Framing has started this week. Too bad the weather has been cold and wet.

Today was actually fairly dry so a big progress has been made.

Now I’m working on finalizing fixture choices (faucets, sinks and such). This is not as fun as it may sound.

Photo Credit: YHLee