Painted with Zero 0 VOC Paint

Most of the painting is finished, but we are anxiously waiting for the final interior coat on the main floor and other remaining touch ups.
This is one of the items on the punch list that is holding us up from moving in completely.
We are happy with the colors that we chose so far.
We knew that we wanted low VOC paint, but ended up with zero VOC paint from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.
You can really tell the difference with your nose and with your health later. With one kid with asthma, this is even more important to us.
Check out ProMar 200 Zero VOC paint from Sherwin Williams.

low voc zero voc paint

zero voc paint

Modern Lighting Fixtures

There are several great modern lighting fixture shops, mostly online.
Top 2 are probably Y Lighting and Lumens. I like Y lighting’s selection, but it can be pricey. I like that they offer you a $25 credit for each online review. Lumens also have good service and a nice selection. After several months of research, I came up with the following modest selection. Most fixtures have been ordered, but there are a few more that are needed (especially outdoor lights). We are still not sure what was wired in for exterior landscaping lights so those will have to wait. We also used the trade program at Seattle Lighting ( thanks to Teri. Both Seattle Lighting and Lamps Plus offer discounts if you order a substantial amount. Never pay retail if you can help it.
You can see my selection here:

Thoughts on Modern Door Bells

When building a modern house, it’s sometimes challenging to find modern fixtures to go with it.  In recent years, this has become easier than before thanks for many online niche websites selling all things devoted to modern design.

As for modern door bells, I had my eyes set on Spore door bells for many years. I have narrowed down my choices to 2 designs.

Spore Square Door Bell in Blue


Spore True Door Bell in Blue

The True model was a lot smaller than I imagined, not sure why, but I envisioned a big circle the size of an apple.  This will be a tough choice, but either way it will look amazing!

Have you seen any other modern doorbell designs?