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I work in web marketing and also a busy mom with 2 kids.

I appreciate modern architecture and design. When I was younger,  I was drawn by Richard Meier’s white modern buildings.   My interest further peaked when I visited Taliesin West.  I also came to appreciate modern condo designs while living in Yale Town, Vancouver, B.C. in the ’90s. I also like mid-century modern homes, NW modern, and modern prefab homes.  Other inspirations include Susan Susanka’s “The Not so Big House”.

My husband is an aeronautical engineer, transplanted from Long Island, NY. He shares my appreciation for clean, modern design.

If you are looking to build your own modern custom home and have questions, we are happy to answer them via email or meet with you.

Feedback is a gift. Please leave us a comment.




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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Albert, your house looks awesome and looks like it it coming together quickly. Looking forward to seeing more blog updates and photos. As I mentioned, you may want to look into Vista window films for your western exposure. The company we used website is http://www.protectionseattle.com. They offer various degrees of film that can be tinted to virtually clear while offering UV and thermal protection. We chose it mostly for glare and UV protection for artwork and furniture. A good resource for lighting is http://www.ylighting.com as I noticed you may not have selected lighting fixtures. Another overall good website for ideas is http://www.houzz.com. Lots of modern ideas on houzz. Also want to share http://www.modernhousenumbers.com. Check out their variability for modern standoff house numbers which may provide more uniqueness to the “DWR” numbers which are overpriced and not any better quality. Looks like your having fun, what an exciting process. Looking forward to updates and would love to come check it out. Derek

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