Completed Modern Homes for Sale in Issaquah Highlands

Issaquah has never been more modern than now.
There are a few exciting new (& completed) modern (contemporary) homes for sale in Issaquah Highlands. The housing inventory is very low in the highlands due to the housing market recovery. Everything is moving fast and at a premium price. Take a look at what’s available for purchase now and please leave a comment if you need a buyer’s agent. These 2 homes are very close together so you can view them one right after the other.

1. Modern home with a big, flat back yard by Paul Development:

2. The Rogue House: Edgy & Cool, one of a kind Modern Home by NobleRidge/Elemental Design:

3. Exciting new era of modern: Evoke Modern Homes (outside of Issaquah Highlands)

For custom modern home from scratch in Issaquah Highlands, Lineach Residence by YS Built.

Modern Lighting Fixtures

There are several great modern lighting fixture shops, mostly online.
Top 2 are probably Y Lighting and Lumens. I like Y lighting’s selection, but it can be pricey. I like that they offer you a $25 credit for each online review. Lumens also have good service and a nice selection. After several months of research, I came up with the following modest selection. Most fixtures have been ordered, but there are a few more that are needed (especially outdoor lights). We are still not sure what was wired in for exterior landscaping lights so those will have to wait. We also used the trade program at Seattle Lighting ( thanks to Teri. Both Seattle Lighting and Lamps Plus offer discounts if you order a substantial amount. Never pay retail if you can help it.
You can see my selection here:

Modern Tiles for Modern Bathrooms

We are nearing the finish, but still quite a bit of work to do.
YS Built has a great tile guy contractor. I hear he is quite busy, maybe due to his great skills. Take a look at our powder room shower tile and shampoo ledge. What a nice finish. Grout is still to be done, I’m not sure what grout color will be chosen.

modern pental tile

modern pental tile

It turns out grout has a color wheel of its own. Who knew. Another painful decision to make.

Tile choices can be overwhelming like lights and flooring. The first place that we recommend is Pental Granite & Marble.
They have 3 locations with great showrooms. Their staff can be hit or miss so be sure to make multiple visits. The selection is great vs. traditional tile showrooms where modern selection maybe very limited. Check it out.

Our choice was Rivergrass – Papyrus.