March 12, 2013 Update – The House is 61% Complete. Dry Wall, Siding, Garage Door, Front Door, Side Door

Our house is now 61% complete according to our bank.
We are closing in on the final stretch of hopefully finishing by June.
Dry wall installation is almost complete. The crew was busy on Saturday installing.

dry wall installed

The garage door has been installed – though I’m afraid it will get scratched with all the construction going on around it.

Garage Door has been installed

The front door (Fir) and side door (fiber glass) has been delivered & installed. We ended up getting these from Frank’s Lumber Door in Shoreline.
We love to support local business as much as possible. Nels at Frank’s is very helpful, look him up if you are ever in need of a door. They also make custom doors.

Front Door made from fir with frosted glass

Side Door made from fiberglass with clear glass.

Siding has been started, the south side of the house has been completed. Siding is where the communication with the builder went side ways. I wanted more panels all around for a more modern look, but our builder already laid out the Hardi planks all around and had the rendering approved by the local Architectural Committee.
In order avoid more delays, we are going ahead with this original rendering with lots of hardi plank siding vs. panels. #communicationFAIL

As with the framing, we are concerned about siding in the rain, especially since the Pineapple Express of wet weather is supposed to hit us this week. omg.

Modern Porta – Potty

Our site manager (project manager) built this modern porta potty surround for our site.
Notice the butterfly roof to match the home. What a clever design idea to cover up the unsightly potty.
Taking modern where it’s never been before!

modern porta potty